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Paperbox easily integrates into your existing communications workflows thanks to our Ingestion API or via email forwarding. However, there’s a problem: most insurance documents are scanned or have handwritten annotations.

That’s why we’re using the world's best OCR engine. This allows us to convert the scans or handwritten annotations into an entirely digitized format. To obtain as much information from the document as possible, Paperbox extracts all the document attachments and interprets photos with computer vision.

As an average insurer or broker, you have a lot of different document types: invoices, quotes, (European) Accident Statement forms, insurance contracts, and declarations … Just like you, we like to keep things organized. That’s why we adopt the same workflow and system you’ve been using. Our technology identifies the document type automatically and assigns your papers to a corresponding box using state-of-the-art machine learning.

We based Paperbox on tools like Google Cloud and its Document AI offering. We combine this technology with our research efforts in AI and ML, creating the perfect and most accurate solution that’s up and running from day one.

Paperbox extracts the relevant data elements from insurance documents. As explained in more detail on the use cases page, you could think of a contract number or a claims number to successfully attach a document to the relevant case (Indexation). But it doesn’t stop here - Paperbox can also extract full documents, and with that we refer to dates, values but also visual elements such as signatures, unstructured tables, etc.

Next, Paperbox will send the data to your insurance platform or broker management system via our out-of-the-box integrations (API webhooks and RPA bots). By integrating these data within your insurance ecosystem, our software converts them into beneficial actions.

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