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You deserve the first-in-class solution so you can focus on what matters most.

So good you won’t even notice us

We strive to automate as many things as possible. Every day, Paperbox can handle more documents and emails without human intervention. The system learns from its mistakes, so the solution improves over time.

Focus on what’s important

Paperbox automatically classifies incoming documents and emails. Next to that, Paperbox also attaches claims or emails to multiple workflows or splits up emails when parts need to be handled separately.

Extracts exactly what you need

Paperbox understands what’s written in your documents and can extract the input you need. The tool learns every day and is capable of extracting a wide variety of data.

  • Identification numbers: customer, product, claim,
  • Dates, amounts, addresses,
  • Tables, checkboxes,
  • Signatures, bar codes, stamps and drawings

Integration with your tools

Paperbox is rather invisible. Our software works behind the scenes to improve your way of working. It’s equipped with an easy-to-integrate API and webhook engine. We integrate with:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) frameworks: UiPath, etc.
  • Broker Management Systems (BMS): Portima Brio(plus), etc.
  • Core insurance platforms: Keylane Axon, Guidewire, etc.

Reads your handwriting

One of the disadvantages of the automation of documents is that so much is still handwritten. Luckily there's Optical Character Recognition, technology that allows us to read and digitize these annotations.

Paperbox is always looking for the best-in-class OCR package, so you can be sure that our tool works.

Gain insights that matter

Our dashboard allows you to have an overview of what's happening in your claims, underwriting or customer service environments. You can measure the document throughput rates by:

  • Paperbox technology
  • Employee

Paperbox shows which documents are pending or overdue.

Discover the most urgent work

Prioritize documents with the highest SLA priority, so you can focus on what matters most. Documents or emails that are processed automatically only have a lead time of seconds.

Validate in one click

Our user interface is built to review documents or emails with only one (or even zero) click. And this with clever shortcuts or features as the “magic table”. This feature can, for instance, highlight a full table (with headers and row) in only one click.

Software that knows your business

Paperbox knows the insurance industry by heart. Our R&D teams are continuously looking and building the best-in-class AI models for your business.

Optimize the way you work

With our “Paperbox Workflow”-feature, you can (de-) activate, select and arrange the Paperbox capabilities when needed.

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